Monday, January 28, 2013

An afternoon to cherish- B V Doshi @sP+a

B V Doshi 

2013/01/25: Between 1pm to 3pm, time stood still as B V Doshi spoke to the studio informally over lunch. 

Doshi's candour- 'I never know if my design is good'- and his youthful enthusiasm towards everything was amazing. Walking up and down and around the was hard to believe he's 85! From working anecdotes -Corbusier worked barely 4 hours/day in office but had 5 iconic buildings underway, while Kahn was barely ever out of office- to designing the Hussain Doshi Gufa, the journey across decades revealed the passion that's as strong as ever! 

He spoke of how he set up CEPT from his own experience of sporadically attending classes, and how he designed the structures to be able to keep an eye on students while giving them freedom. As a "foolish" mind that relentlessly works to better one's design, Doshi was believes that questioning the relevance, would only lead you away from design. 

B V Doshi graced the studio with his presence for a couple of hours only but left behind the renewed inspiration to keep exploring.. seeking.. 'becoming'.. design.  
Our plates were full ..literally and figuratively

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