Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conversations- Ravi Sarangan (Edifice) @sP+a

2012/11/03: Ravi Sarangan of Edifice Architects Pvt Ltd

Edifice and sP+a seem to appear at opposite ends of the architectural  profession models. They're a corporate practice, we're a boutique studio... So having Ravi Sarangan, Director, Edifice, to speak of their practice and its evolution was bound to make for an interesting evening.

Ravi lived upto his reputation of being a (Board/Bored Room) Killer by disarming everyone with a frank and funny apology for arriving way past his ETA. 

Describing how their practice started up: taking unusual steps like writing a letter propositioning for work from Narayan Murthy, to doing millions of square feet of projects was an eye-opener. What was interesting was the process of reinventing themselves as a more design oriented office, once they had achieved phenomenal growth.

Their systems of Verticals- business segments, KRA (Key Result Areas) and other management systems showed how structured their organisation was. But the concept of freedom through (cad/management) systems versus restrictions because of systems was a hotly debated topic, and the jury (@sP+a) is still out on this one.

Which way would you vote?

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